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Biostatistics Services

Whether you’re looking to accelerate regulatory approvals, optimize market access strategies, or unlock the potential of breakthrough technologies, we offer a full range of services designed to maximize the value of your innovation and place it in the right target market. From clinical trial design to real-world evidence analysis, our team of experienced consultants is committed to aligning statistical accuracy with your business goals.

We understand the critical role data plays in shaping your success story and help you harness the power of data-driven decisions. Our approach goes beyond numbers – it’s about taking your product from concept to market and capturing the attention of investors, stakeholders and physicians alike.

Overview of biostatistics services

Join us on a shared journey of innovation, collaboration and insights. Let’s unleash the potential of your ideas together.

Biostatistik Schweiz - Klinische Forschung
Design and analysis of clinical trials

Support the planning of robust and efficient clinical trials and provide comprehensive statistical analysis of the study data. Result: Accelerate regulatory approval timelines, reduce development costs, and ensure faster time to market.

Assist in the preparation of statistical sections for regulatory submissions to the FDA, EMA, and other health authorities. Result: Increase the chances of timely regulatory approvals and save significant costs due to delays.

Analyze real-world data to gain insights into treatment outcomes and safety profiles. Result: Demonstration of the effectiveness of products in practice to gain the trust of investors and potential partners.

Ensure data integrity and accuracy through appropriate management and quality control procedures. Result: Avoid costly data discrepancies and errors, optimize resource utilization, and avoid delays.

Develop adaptive study designs that allow for changes based on interim results to optimize study outcomes. Result: Efficient allocation of resources, reduction of study duration and associated costs.

Providing statistical insights to support market access strategies and pricing decisions. Result: Optimization of pricing strategies for maximum market penetration and revenue generation.

Conduct cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit analysis to demonstrate product value to payers and stakeholders. Result: securing favourable reimbursement rates, increasing profitability and competitiveness in the market.

Analyze PRO results to understand the impact of treatment on patients’ quality of life. Result: Improvement of product perception, which leads to higher sales and market share.

Identify relevant biomarkers and perform statistical analyses to validate their benefit for patient stratification. Result: Developing targeted therapies that potentially fetch a higher price and gain a competitive advantage.

Analysis of drug concentration and response data to optimize dosing regimens. Result: Improved dosing accuracy, which can reduce adverse events and costly medical interventions.

Conduct systematic reviews and meta-analyses to summarize findings from multiple studies. Result: Providing comprehensive evidence to investors to obtain financing for further development.

Create clear and meaningful data visualizations and summaries for different audiences. Result: Facilitating the understanding of investors and stakeholders, which can lead to increased funding.

Development of statistical components of risk management plans to ensure patient safety throughout the product life cycle. Result: mitigation of risks and potential legal costs, safeguarding product reputation and market presence.

Analysis of post-marketing data to monitor product safety and identify potential problems. Result: Avoid product recalls or legal action, saving significant costs and maintaining brand equity.

Development of mathematical models to simulate disease progression and treatment outcomes. Result: Basis for decisions in product development, which can accelerate development and reduce costs.

Develop strategies to improve patient recruitment and retention in clinical trials. Result: Minimizing study delays, accelerating time-to-market, and generating revenue.

Conduct training on biostatistical concepts and methodologies to strengthen clients’ teams. Result: Strengthening internal capabilities, reducing reliance on external consultants, and cost savings.

Collaborate with contract research organizations (CROs) to ensure high-quality statistical results. Result: Efficient collaboration, avoidance of costly rework and ensuring project success.

Analyze genomic data to identify genetic relationships and develop personalized medical approaches. Result: development of precision therapies that potentially fetch top prices and increase sales.

Development of artificial intelligence models to predict disease progression, patient responses or treatment effectiveness. Results: Improvement in treatment success rates, which could drive product adoption and increase market share.

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Dr. Markus Savli
Biostatistik & Consulting GmbH
Leutschenbachstrasse 95
8050 Zürich / Schweiz
Mobile +41 79 833 22 22

Statistische Beratung